WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin Vulnerability Affects Millions

WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin Vulnerability Affects Millions:

Got listed in Oracle Hall of Fame Page

Got listed in Oracle Hall of Fame Page :

Oracle Hall of Fame
Security Researcher Acknowledgments for Oracle has listed me in the hall of fame security researchers page for finding and reporting multiple security vulnerabilities in the Oracle main site .

link : http://www.oracle.com/ocom/groups/public/@otn/documents/webcontent/2367957.xml

Oracle Hall of Fame

Got listed in ebay Hall of Fame Page

Security Researchers Acknowledgment

Got listed in ebay Security Researchers Acknowledgment:

Security Researcher Acknowledgments for ebay has listed me in the hall of fame security researchers page because of  finding and reporting two security vulnerabilities in the ebay site .

 Link : http://ebay.com/securitycenter/ResearchersAcknowledgement.html

Accelerate copying Files


A Program to accelerate transportation and copying :  teracopy

The program is used to speed up copying files on the computer

The program features:

1 accelerate the process of copying files and transport
2 You can stop transcription temporarily and then re-completed
3 You can control the files copied during the backup process by deleting or adding files to the backup process.

Download the program:



Photoshop Online

Photoshop Online Editor :

Photoshop Online

There is no doubt that many people uses Adobe Photoshop almost daily
But a lot has faced problems with that program between it and use it, of those problems, for example,
Size of the program that consumes from the computer's memory, causing a slow machine, and the consumption of space in [Drive:C] to show us a message there is no enough space.
Also another problem, namely the possibilities of graphics device that may make the use of Photoshop it is not possible .

To overcome these problems there is alternative for Photoshop Online, Alternative almost looks like the original large extent, and at the same time will not consume your device or memory area, and does not require a high specification graphics, and does not need to install, and is available wherever you are ..

You can visit the Photoshop online via the following link :


Photoshop Online

Check if your mail hacked before !

Check if your mail hacked before !

Have I Been Pwned

Have I Been Pwned service contains a huge database containing data for emails and passwords that the hackers posted on the Internet at sites major breakthrough that could inevitably be registered by .

Have I Been Pwned

just type your email and will indicate the site in a message to you in red if it does not have the breakthrough was published after one of the sites that have subscribed, either in the case of the contrary, the site will show you the message that your email address is not common in the list of data leaked after penetration sites.

Visit : Have I Been Pwned ?